About Touch-Play

    Touch-Play is a free specialist gaming front-end based on PinballX designed for:

    • Touch screen PCs.
    • MFME fruit machine emulation.
    • Windows tablets.
    • Dedicated driving cabinets.
    • Dedicated lightgun cabinets.

    It differs from other more generic front ends in that it is specific to these type of configurations.

    It is a niche front end where no other specific front ends exist. It is however suitable for any system or you may want to consider GameEx if you require more features or PinballX for digital pinball machines.

    Touch-Play was created in 2020 by Spesoft with additional help, support and components by Headsoft. The product is in active development.

Download Touch-Play A specialist gaming front-end.

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News and Releases

    Touch-Play 5.49
    20th April, 2023

    - Fixed Setup Wizard input error.

    - Updated all VC runtimes to latest versions so they don't require windows updates or create surplus temporary files.

    - Update .net 6 runtime to latest.

    Touch-Play 5.84
    14th April, 2023

    - Removed all dependencies on .net framework 2 and is no longer installed as part of the setup.

    Touch-Play 5.70 - Sinden Light Gun
    8th January, 2023

    Automatic Sinden Lightgun support.

    Detects Sinden software running and automatically adds border.

    Additional download available with my current working light gun setup.


    Presenting Touch-Play
    14th August, 2020